WebDAV size limit?

I was successfully running my own WebDAV server on OS X which has now repeately failed to synch with Zotero. The writer of the server software who remotely looked at my system said the problem is the number of Zotero items (9437) which take up about 25 gigs. Have others found that there are practical limits of this sort with WebDAV setups? Is WebDAV protocol unable to deal with the large directories created by libraries of this size?


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    Are you trying to sync from a Windows machine? The only file size limitation I managed to dig up is for webdav client on Windows 7 and I'm not sure it would apply to Zotero.

    There were some recent changes to webdav sync which broke functionality with certain (improperly configured) webdav providers, but it was mostly fixed in 4.0.6 and I think some more fixes are coming in 4.0.7.

    If you can produce a Debug ID Dan can tell you more about the error.


    Edit: I meant to say a Debug ID for a failed sync attempt
  • This is a continuation of the same problem identified by adamsmith above, and I have not been able to solve it from either the Zotero end or the CrushFTP WebDAV server end. (Neither reveals errors but the synch procedure stalls out quickly). I will either need to synch by another method, either using Sugarsync to mirror the /storage subdirectories on my machines, or I may be able to succeed with another WebDAV client. Before trying the latter, I am simply curious whether I have hit some kind of limit due to the size and volume of my /storage directory making it unable to work with WebDAV. If others have experience with large Zotero databases and success with WebDAV as the storage method, I would appreciate knowing this. If I am outside the envelope, knowledge of that limit would help me decide how to proceed.

    Many thanks in advance.

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