Please help to find this style

Hall, P. and K. Bawa. 1993. Methods to assess the impact of extraction of non–timber tropical forest products on plant populations. Economic Botany 47:234–247.

Hamilton, A. and P. Hamilton. 2006. Plant conservation: An ecosystem approach. Earthscan, London.

Koltunov, A., S. L. Ustin, G. P. Asner, and I. Fung. 2009. Selective
logging changes forest phenology in the Brazilian Amazon: Evidence from MODIS image time series analysis. Remote Sensing of Environment 113:2431–2440.

It seems like:
<surname>,_<first name>.,_<first name>._<mid name>._<surname>,_<first name>._<surname>._<year>._<title>._<journal title in full>_<volume>:_<page range>.

Thank you!
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