Why zotero cannot save pdf files like it did before?

Hi all.
1. Why Zotero embedded in mozilla cannot save pdf files like it did before directly - when I click "create web page item from Current page": Zotero saves it as a pdf file - now instead it is saving a blank link and blank unknown pdf file?

2. Why there is no more Retrieve metadata function when I right-click on saved pdf file so that for some unique papers I can acquire reference and input it in the Zotero database since no other uptake of reference is allowed in the link bar of mozilla?

  • 1. was broken recently and is fixed for the next (4.0.7) version of Zotero:

    2. That's still there - the PDF cannot be attached to another item though. Are you sure that's not the case? What are the top three options in the right-click menu?
  • #1 should be fixed in 4.0.6, which is available now.
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