Copy/paste formated text freeze "quick format bar" in Word plug in

I'm using Zotero 4 (but issue was there on the last Zotero 3 version) on WinXP and MSWord 2003.
Copy/paste formated text make "keep sources sorted" view unusable in Word integration plug-in for in-text citation. If I copy formated text (with special formating, as big character, or point form or even italic/bold) to "keep sources sorted" view rectangle(the red rectangle in the middle of the screen) it makes my query unusable (it will not put my selection in the text) and I need to escape from that view by "esc" key or by switching to "classic view". It is not a major problem but annoying.
(transforming formated copied text in plain text while pasting would solve the issue if easy to do...)
I wanted to let you know.

THANKS to Zotero team for Zotero!
  • By the "keep sources sorted" view you just mean the regular red rectangular, yes? (We refer to it as "Quick Format Bar")
    You don't actually refer to using the "keep sources sorted" option?
  • YES it would be the "Quick Format Bar"
    (I didn't know the name of the bar, I thought the option "keep sources sorted" in top of "classical view" was the label for the view...)
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