No icon in the address bar, but all versions are up to date, and translators are reset

I am using FF 20.0.1 with Zotero standalone 4.0.5.
I cannot see the little book/page/folder icon in the address bar, but I can see the Zotero icon in the bottom of the browser.
Problem persists on all sites (NYT, Amazon books, Jstor etc).
I made sure that there I have no add-ons that are known to be conflicting with Zotero, and I have reset the translators on the standalone. I think that items can still be imported using the standalone, though.
Any suggestions?
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    In Firefox, under Tools/Add-ons - which Zotero version do you see installed (this is not the same as your standalone version)? If it's not 4.0.5, update by re-installing from
    Else see step 11 here:
  • yey! fixed. tnx!
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