"Detailed Download Display" never disappears

Is the "Detailed Download Display" supposed to disappear automatically? It seems to stay in place forever (Zotero Standalone 4.0.4, Google Chrome + connector) after the item is successfully saved, until I navigate away from the page.
  • It's not supposed to remain visible. I can reproduce this with Standalone (not FF) and Chrome connector. It appears to be waiting for Snapshot to get saved, while I have Snapshots disabled. I'll take a closer look.
  • I have that preference disabled as well. The display shows the snapshot title grayed out, but it would probably be better to hide it altogether when the user doesn't wish to save snapshots.
  • Yes, the Snapshot should not be visible.
  • I don't think I tested with the snapshot pref disabled, which is probably the cause of this bug. I agree that the snapshot shouldn't show up in the saving window, and obviously the progress window should disappear. There's some complication here, since at the moment the connector doesn't actually know the state of the snapshot pref, but I'll think about how to best address this.
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