Wishlist for Features

After using Zotero for quite some time I finally collected all the feature wishes I came across during using this great tool.

Those wishes I found here http://www.zotero.org/support/requested_features or in the forum I just linked to. If I can cast a vote for those features please advise how to do so...

So here is my wish list:
  • There's no voting - as Dan says, development is not a democracy, if devs think something is a good idea and they have the resources they implement it. If someone wants to submit a patch for a feature, they can check with core devs on zotero-dev if and how it's going to be implemented and then submit it (that was the case for relative paths and multi-identifier and tag entry in the 4.0 release, for example).

    Among the things you mention, batch editing is tentatively scheduled for 4.2 (though no guarantees) and very much on the menu in general.
    Bibtex export is improving continuously, but the biggest issue are citekeys, which we should be able to solve as soon as we get an identifier field (which is going to be in 4.2 almost certainly).

    I think broadly speaking all other features are things that devs agree are desirable, though precise implementation may vary - better author management (including eventually ORCID support), advanced tagging features (including hierarchical tags which could be used for tag equivalence as well), and hierarchical/semantic item types are on the general wish list, but we're likely talking years as a time horizon (that is, again, unless someone not at Zotero does it).
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