Copy Author in Word Plugin + Right-click copy in zotero's quick search window

Hi there:

These are actually 2 issues that I notices for a couple month now with different versions, but that are not critical (but would be nice if fixed at some point):

1) When I copy a word into the Word Plugin in MS Word 2010 to insert a citation, I do see suggestions for articles, but I cannot select any of them. The copied text in the citation box also looks different (I guess it's times new roman).

2) I can copy text into the zotero quick search box using Ctrl+V but not via right click and past.

Do these issues just apply to my machine or are they general issues?

I use zotero 4.0.4 standalone on Win 7 x64 with MS Word 2010.

  • 1) works for me in the LO plugin on Linux (though I have to press space after pasting to see the what I've pasted and the suggestions)

    2) I don't get a right-click menu in the quick format toolbar at all
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    1) Can you actually select one of the suggestions? (b/c I can see the suggestions as well, but I cannot select the suggestions)

    2) When I right-click in the quick search field, I do get a menu, but it does not work properly on win 7 x64 with zotero standalone...
  • 1) yes. I'm guessing here, but could be a difference on what Windows and Linux actually paste from their clipboards. LO/Word shouldn't make a difference since the code is the same for the quick format bar.
    2) Didn't that use to be the case for the "add by identifier" box as well? Likely related.
  • 1) This works for me, i.e. I can select the suggestions in the quick format bar. Using Win7 (32), Fx 20, Z. 4.0.4, Word 2010. (both with standalone and Zotero for Fx)

    2) I get a right-click menu but nothing works.
  • Thanks Gracile:

    I tried the first issue one more time, and I think it depends from where you copy and past the text into the quick citation box.

    When I copy and past a term from a source with very simple formatting (e.g., Windows Notepad), everything works fine! However, when I copy and past from a source that has more complex formatting (e.g., this very website -- I copied the term "Word" into the quick citation field), then I cannot select the entry.

    BTW: The classic citation dialog works either way... it's just the quick citation dialog that does not work as intended...
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