Firefox 20.0 update: no Zotero icon

Having restarted Firefox following the automatic 20.0 update, there is no Zotero icon at the bottom of the browser window.

I'm running running Mac OS 10.8.3.

  • Do you have updated Zotero to 4.0.3?

    If so, start here:
  • No, I'm running 3.0.14. Was 4.0.3 an automatic update? When?

    Zotero appears in the Tools menu but returns the message: "There was an error starting Zotero."
  • yeah, Zotero should have automatically update to 4.0 early this week. It's required for FF 20 compatibility. You can manually download (which is the same as update) from here:
  • Okay.

    Is there a listserv or something for update notices and version notes?
  • Not really, no.
    If you install from and have automatic updates enabled, you should always be getting the most recent update automatically, so there's no reason to follow any listserv. Check your settings under tools --> add-ons in Firefox.
  • Updating to 4.0.3 solved the problem – thanks!

    However, despite add-ons being set to update automatically in Firefox on both my desktop and my MacBook, Zotero did not update on either system.
  • Dan would have to chime in - I think 4.0 may initially only have been pushed to FF 20 and prior beta users. If so, you would have received that error after the FF20 udpate and it would have gone away as soon as add-ons there updated.
  • edited April 5, 2013
    Yeah, what adamsmith says, though we pushed 4.0 starting late Monday night US time. But through some unlikely confluence of timing and caching of the update checks you might have ended up with Fx20 before Zotero 4.0.

    Note that if you had 3.0.11 from it wouldn't auto-update, since 4.0 hasn't been approved there yet, but 3.0.14 was never on AMO.
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