How to modify IEEE bibliography to insert URL if present

A very simple question:
How can I modify the IEEE format to insert a URL if present in the biblography?

My big problem is that I'd like to insert websites as resources, and now Zotero doesn't insert URLs at all.

Actually, why is there no website as a type in Zotero 4.0? Websites would be the single most important types, and there is a list of 30 or so different types and none of them are websites! Why? So many open source projects only have a website but not paper about them. Linking to open source projects I believe is one of the most common things in today's articles. Can you extend Zotero 4.0 beta to have a type "website"? I'm using blog post, but it feels weird.

Also, there is a bug in Zotero 4.0 that I cannot import custom formatting styles.
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    The bug is known and will be fixed in 4.0.3 due out by tomorrow.

    There is a webpage item type, see here for an explanation:

    URLs show for webpages in IEEE so that should do it for you.

    edit: 4.0.3 was just released.
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    There is still some bugs even in 4.0.3:
    1. While web page is offered in the list, it's not offered in the Add (+) menu.

    2. IEEE URL is only included for web pages, not blog posts

    3. IEEE URL is not included for Youtube videos
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    (1. is not a bug. See also.)
  • Oh, thanks for the first one. I'm using Chrome and I only found the save webpage (metadata) button on a few pages, I assumed that this means that for other pages I have to import them manually. I didn't even think about having the button hidden in the right-click menu.
  • I'll look at blogposts, the mapping of those has changes, they used to display URLs. Not sure about youtube, I'll see what the guide says.
    THere is also an IEEE with URL style on which will print URLs for any sources that doesn't have a page range (and also for the latter if you check the "include URL" option in the cite --> styles tab of the Zotero preferences).
  • adamsmith, thanks! I'm using the IEEE with URL style now and it's perfect, I even have all the links for all the articles as well.
  • Blogposts are now fixed in regular IEEE.
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