Zotero documentation as one whole pdf file?

Although much can be learned by trial and error and reading fragments of documentations, if I really want to know a software piece very well, I resort to written books, booklets etc which I go through thoroughly. I wanted to download an exhaustive single comprehensive documentation as pdf file for Zotero but could not find it. Is it somewhere on the website? BTW - I am really excited about Zotero, really great stuff!! :-))
  • There is currently no comprehensive manual for Zotero. Zotero community members have been working on making the documentation more robust, and at this point the documentation is in general very excellent. If you haven't already I would recommend the quick start guide as starting point. You can also download the quick start guide as a PDF if you like.

    After that there are two avenues to pursue. You can watch all 14 screencast tutorials in order or work your way through the 9 sections of the basics section on the documentation homepage.
  • I agree with franz that the option of getting the documentation as a pdf-file would be a nice feature.

    Trevor, the pdf you're linking to is rather ugly and not including any hyperlinks. Maybe it would be a good idea to add something like DokuTeXit [http://danjer.doudouke.org/tech/dokutexit] to the dokuwiki-system in order to be able to automatically produce better pdfs. I haven't used dokutexit yet and I have no idea how the dokuwiki plugin system works but maybe someone more knowledgeable can have a look into it?

    I think this would be very useful, especially for the future when we're going to have a more comprehensive documentation.
  • I don't mind if documents are available as PDFs, but I really hate when projects force people to read PDFs. The priority should be better HTML documentation in my view.
  • I think the ideal solution is to have both available. PDF format for paper versions, HTML for searching on a computer.
  • Bruce, I totally agree. And that's the reason why I suggested something like a LaTeX-plugin for the dokuwiki which would create pdfs from proper HTML/dokuwiki mark-up automatically. Two for the price of one, as it were (or maybe rather: for the price of one, plus the potential hassle of installing and maintaining the plugin).
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