Status bar/addon bar icon missing

I just updated to FF Z 4.0.2 (FF 19.0.2) Win 7

Z installed fine. Shows up in Tools menu. Runs fine.

But doesn't appear on the status bar (or addon bar) even though in Preferences "none" is _not_ selected. All other extensions disabled.

Dan said: (
Zotero 4.0 uses a real add-on bar icon anyway (instead of an old status bar icon), so if this is caused by Zotero it will go away in a week when Zotero 4.0 comes out.
I don't know the difference between the two, and it's no big deal, I can open Z other ways. But I was just wondering if it is supposed to be there.

Edit: Just to state specifically, I read this link:
  • If you toggle it it to None, restart Firefox, and then set it back to something other than None, does that help?

    In a pinch you can always right-click on the add-ons bar, click Customize, and drag the Zotero icon (assuming it's there) to the add-on bar, but that shouldn't be necessary. (If it's not in Customize, that would suggest that it's already in the add-on bar but it's hidden for some reason.)
  • I was not in Customize.

    However, toggling to None and back worked!

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