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I would love to see the feature being added to see a history of recent changes, i.e. which files were added, removed or changed.

This could be either realised as a tab in the personal account on Zotero.org or in the application itself.

Do you have something similar in mind for future releases?
  • which files were added, removed or changed
    What do you mean by "files"? Do you mean items?

    You can of course sort the middle pane Date Modified, but I assume you're thinking of something more complex?
  • Sorry, yes I am talking of items.

    The idea with Date Modified is good. However, in my special case not sufficient. I came up with the idea for a history of changes (similar to what Dropbox or Google Drive have, i.e. "You have changed the item foo.") because suddenly a collection folder disappeared completely and I have no idea what happened to it. I did not delete it, nor is it retrievable in trash. All the items from that collection are missing, too.
  • You're sure the items that were in the collection are gone? That'd be quite odd. Items don't disappear without being explicitly deleted and if they are they're still in the trash.
    Collections are easier to delete and wouldn't appear in the trash, but deleting a collection wouldn't delete the items in it.
    For this particular situation, you could try:
  • Unless you (or someone else with access to the library) took the time to delete the items separately, the items should still be in My Library. (Zotero 4.0, currently in beta, adds the ability to delete a collection and all items from the collection context menu, but that's not possible in 3.0.)
  • Yes I am sure they are gone. Fortunately I was able to restore the collection including all the items from another Zotero instance.

    Just out of curiosity, if there is not 'recent changes history', where can I find the entire log file?
  • where can I find the entire log file?
    There's no such thing.
  • So please consider a simple log file as my feature request.

  • Something like this might be possible on the website after Zotero 4.1, which will use a more granular syncing method. It's unlikely to be available in the client itself.
  • Great! I would be even more happy to seeing this on the website rather than the client as it would allow the access to the log from everywhere.
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