[Resolved] LibreOffice plugin ceased working on upgrade to

Of course, a reboot resolved the communication problem -
- no idea though what caused the incompatible version problem that started the issue....


Zotero for Firefox 3.0.14 on FF 19.0.2 was working flawlessly with initial LibreOffice 4.0
On upgrade to received error message that LO plugin was at incompatible versions. Did a re-install without joy, then did a complete uninstall of plugin on both LO and FF and complete reinstall, still no joy though both were at plugin version 3.5.6
took a break... did a third compete uninstall and a third complete reinstall.
Now I am getting the error message that:
OpenOffice.org could not communicate with Zotero. Please ensure Firefox or Zotero Standalone is open and set to an online state and try again.
Zotero is up and running and online.
I simply hate it when I have to an update but things have been going so smoothly of late I almost quit grinding my teeth ;-)
Can someone tell me what I need to tweak to get these two talking again :-)
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