Sage journals translator does not detect search results

I am searching for items on this site

The individual items are imported with Highwire 2.0 translator, but the search results are not detected.
  • @mronkko

    This works for me (individual articles and list results with HighWire) and within and outside of my university proxy. Test this again and it may work for you.

    Yesterday, for several hours I could get to Sage journal tables of contents but actually getting to the individual articles (even outside of Zotero) was very slow -- 45 to 50 seconds each. That resolved itself for me by mid-morning California time.
  • DWL - mronkko is talking about search results, not TOCs. I don't see a folder for those either - I can have a look, but might take a while - I'm not sure what the best way to handle this is - ideally I'd want to wrap it into the highwire 2.0 translator but I don't want it to be too messy.
  • Yes, I am talking about search results.
  • I've just pushed a version of the Highwire 2.0 translator that works for Sage search results. As always, it'll update automatically within 24hs or you can do it immediately from the General tab of the preferences.
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