word plugin stating "compiler error" when setting up Chicago style with bookmarks

I am completely baffled as this was working only a few days ago. I keep trying to set up my citation format to chicago-note w/o bibliography and "bookmarks" and I get the error message. It works fine using fields. My specs:
Microsoft XP
Microsoft word 2003
Zotero 1.0.3
microsoft word plugin

I've tried to reinstall the plugin, close all windows and such but to no avail.
I haven't consciously updated to a "production" version of the plugin since the last time this happened. Any thoughts?

  • Bookmarks mode has been broken for a while. We're in the process of completely rewriting the word processor plugins, so this will probably get fixed at the same time.
  • Oh. I had thought I had been using the bookmarks function in a prior paper. I double checked and it looks like I was using the fields function without even knowing it. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out for the next release.
  • Any progress fixing bookmarks mode? I would really find it handy to be able to switch between word and openoffice.
  • It's fixed in the 1.5-compatible versions of the plugin.
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