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Finally back to using Zotero after a few years away from serious writing. Fresh install today of FF 19.0.2 and Zotero 3.0 FF and word for windows integration 3.1.12 all installed today on a PC running Windows 7 and Office 2007. No problems restoring my Zotero profile, all my old library folders are present with links intact. I created a new folder for my new project. Zotero had no trouble saving citations from PUBMED and equally no trouble inserting citations into my Word document (by the way, I like the new to me interface, since I have not used Zotero for a few years). However, I noticed that I accidentally saved a source twice, as it popped up twice in the insert citation window. No problem, I will just open the folder in my profile and delete the extra citation. No dice. I can see the folder, but when I select the folder, no content is shown. I can see the content of my other folders.

Here is a link to a screenshot of the folder with no shown content:

Here is a link to a screenshot of another folder, with content shown:

Any thoughts on how to see (and therefore modify) the contents of my folder are greatly appreciated. Having duplicate citations in my library really makes my life painful.
  • My guess would be that sync just hasn't gone through yet.

    Generally, you probably don't want to clean up the online version of your library - that's going to be much slower than doing it in the client (i.e. the Firefox add-on that comes up when you click on "Zotero" at the bottom right of Firefox).
    Also, in many cases, especially when you're using the Word plugin, it's preferable to use Zotero's detect duplicate feature. Towards the bottom of the left hand panel (again - this is in the client) there is a collection called "duplicates" where you can quickly find and merge duplicate items.
  • Well Adam, thanks for your help. I was so enjoying the new parts of Zotero, I did not think to just do it they way I used to! All fixed.I was able to delete the duplicate in the client as you suggested.
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