Export preference pane wording

Is it just me or is the wording on the Export preference pane a bit confusing?
Quick Copy allows you to copy selected items to the clipboard by pressing Ctrl+Alt+C or dragging items into a text box on a web page.
I think "copy selected items" is a bit ambiguous. IMO, it would be good to make it clear that this copies items as a bibliography. I realize that this is not entirely true for export styles, so maybe "copy selected items in the full export format" (this doesn't sound great, perhaps someone has other ideas) and for...
For bibliography styles, you can copy citations or footnotes by pressing Ctrl+Alt+A or holding down Shift before dragging items.
...I think it would be helpful to clarify that these are "in-text" citations. I think for many people the distinction between a "citation" and "reference" is not very clear (it wasn't for me).
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