Highwire translator is really slow in mass importing

I am doing a literature review where I import hundreds of papers from different databases using the mass import feature.

I noticed that when I import 50-100 items at a time, all the translators will print the list of items in the small notification box almost instantly and then take a couple of seconds to process. The Highwire translator is substantially slower than the others. The items are added in the notification box one at a time with a couple of seconds delay between items.

Is it possible that Highwire is dowloading the PDFs in the main thread instead of doing this in the background?
  • which site are you using this on so we're looking at the same thing?
  • Well, this may be the cause of slowness:

    "Your access to this site has been temporarily blocked. This block is temporary and will usually be automatically removed in a few minutes.

    The most frequent cause of this is sending too many requests too quickly. If you are using an automated downloading tool you will need to slow the rate down to less than one request every 3 seconds."

    Maybe the translator is just respecting the wish of the site owner?
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