Does the AMS (American Mathematical Society) citation style exist on the Repository?

I'm trying to use the AMS citation style but I can't not find it in the repository. Does anyone know if it exists under a different name?

Here it a little description of the style:
AMS Style refers to the citation format established by the American Mathematical Society. With AMS, the # sign in brackets represents the order that the citation is mentioned in the text of the paper. For example, [5] would indicate that this is the fifth citation found in the text.
  • also - the actual AMS instructions are "use AMS-TeX or AMS-LaTeX" - do you actually want an AMS style for Zotero? Why?
    Or do you just want a style that's _like_ AMS? In which case there are a large number of styles that follow the general pattern you describe.
  • I’m environmental econ grad student, none experience with LaTex. Our school papers are required to follow the citations format of the Journal of Environmental Econ and Management, which happened to follow AMS. To your knowledge, what other citation style follows the # sign in brackets format, like AMS?
  • Vancouver (brackets).
  • actually - use "Elsevier (with titles)" from the repository, which is very close (potentially an exact match). The journal doesn't use AMS style - they just refer you to AMS rules for abbreviations.
  • Thanks Everyone.
    Adam~ that is right, they just follow AMS rules for abbreviations. Elsevier (with titles) works best under those circumstances.
  • The style for the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management is now up
  • Thanks Adam
    You have been very helpful
  • Hello: If Zotero could create a citation style consistent with American Mathematical Society, that would be much appreciated. The recommendations in this discussion are now outdated. A current AMS citation style can be found here:
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    That's the manual for copyeditors. The author instructions e.g. for the Journal of the AMS still state (for the final copy):

    "After your article is accepted for publication in an AMS journal:

    Send the electronic source files (.tex and .eps) for the final accepted version of the manuscript to the AMS using one of the submission options below."
    edit: that's actually true for all AMS journals see which emphasizes using LaTeX about a gazillion times.

    In other words, CSL styles are of no help (you can still use Zotero as a frontend for the bib(la)tex of course).

    If there's real demand, we can look at this, but (La)TeX is so universal in math that I'm really puzzled who'd want to bother with a CSL style.
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