Zotero saves PDF, but not really

Whenever I save an article to my Zotero library, I always switch from my browser to Zotero Standalone to check whether the PDF has been attached. Here Zotero misbehaves: when the PDF is behind a paywall and I don't have access, the new item will temporarily show up in the middle column with a "+" next to it and expanding the item will show a PDF attachment. Shortly afterwards Zotero realizes that there is no PDF, and the "attachment" disappears.

I would appreciate it if Zotero wouldn't get my hopes up and only show the PDF attachment once it has actually been successfully downloaded. In my experience this has been a long-time issue which doesn't seem to be translator-specific.
  • this happens because Zotero tests for the mime-type after downloading the file - not sure if it can be avoided. Also, 3.1 show the downloaded attachments, at least in Firefox. If it does that correctly - i.e. after checking the mimetype - this would be moot.
  • How can it test the mime-type if there isn't a file to begin with?
  • there is a file - whatever the journal returns when you try to get to a gated PDF, typically the "do you want to pay 50$ for this article" page which is an html file).
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