Commas and quotation marks for Chicago Theses and Documents

I'm using Chicago Full Note with Bibliography and there seems to be a problem with the placement of closing quotation marks relative to commas for the Thesis and Document item types. I am getting this:

Carlevaris, Anna Maria. “Photography, Immigration, and Canadianism: 1896-1921”. MA thesis, Concordia University, 1992.

Tata, Sam. “Sam Tata Papers”, 1938. MS COLL 00448. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, University of Toronto.

The closing quotation marks for the title are being placed before the following period or comma when they should be after.

It is working correctly for journal articles and book sections.
  • I can't reproduce this, but I'm running a slightly updated CSL processor version, so this might have gotten fixed (this would be a processor error, not a problem with the style).

    You could try this with this plugin: which patches in the most recent version of the CSL processor. You can de-install this after the next Zotero update.
  • Sorry, my mistake: I was accidentally using an outdated version of Chicago Full Note with Bibliography. Using Chicago (full note) 13-02-26, it functions properly. Thanks.
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