Zotero Wishlist from EndNote X6 Features

Zotero Wishlist from EndNote X6 user

(1) Ability to preview and edit/highlight PDF and snapshots within Zotero Standaloe
(2) Faster operation
(3) Parent folder shows all contents of child folder (currently Zotero seems to only show contents of general folder only if you put citations in the general folder)
(4) Read/Unread indicator (bold or not, plus dot filled in or not)
(5) Starring system (or a color-coded custom system would be better--sounds like that might be coming soon in Zotero?)
(6) CITATION TYPES: Database/dataset, personal correspondence, interview, TV or radio broadcast)
(7) Stay within search results after editing (If I do anything in Zotero like edit a field, I get returned to the whole library or folder I was in, rather than the search results). For example, if I'm in a search, then go right click on trash to empty it, I have to re-do the search and figure out where I am. EndNote creates a temporary group called "Search results" that you can always go back to until you do a new search. And of course you can turn that search results folder into a collection.
(8) Ability to right click a selected set of references and create a collection or sub-collection.
  • 1) Not anytime soon. With a good windows management system, though, you can basically replicate that effect with an open Standalone window & your favorite PDF reader/browser.
    2) I'm pretty sure what you're seeing is not normal. 20k items is large, but not that unusual
    3) look for "recursiveCollections" hidden pref: http://www.zotero.org/support/preferences/hidden_preferences#general_preferences

    4/5) http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/1787/3/simple-marking-of-items/#Item_18

    6) not sure what you mean - except for dataset those all exist? Dataset will be added.

    7) you can create saved searches from the advanced search; that said, you're not the first person requesting something along those lines - not sure what devs are currently thinking about this, but search history is one thing that has been discussed.

    8) easier group assignment is planned, but details aren't quite clear yet, wouldn't expect that to happen super soon.
  • Great! Thanks for the quick responses. Looking forward to the tag colors in 3.1 and Hope for #8 in future release. Very happy about the Recursive collections feature and ability to save searches. Changing the config settings worked.
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