How do I export a subset of my library to BibTex?


I am looking for a simple way to export only a subset of my library to BibTex. Effectively, I am looking for the BibTex equivalent of the "Create bibliography" option.

Tried to select the relevant items in a collection and then export to BibTex but to no effect.

All suggestions welcome. Thanks.

  • Immediately after submitting my question, I realized that I want to "export a collection" - and yes, right-clicking a collection gives me that option, into BibTex!

    Sorry to bother you all...

  • you can also select individual items and click "Export selected items" -->Bibtex to export individual items to bibtex.
    Finally, you can even set bibtex as your quick copy format
    and get bibtex export via drag&drop.
  • Thanks, Adam, for your quick and helpful reply.

    Regarding your suggestion about drag'n'drop: which latex editor would support the feature you describe? I tried Lyx but it did not work for me.

    Thanks again.


    PS: My initial failure to find the relevant sections in the documentation are a classical example of using the wrong search terms...
  • if you're using LyX, have a look at Lyz
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