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Dear all,
if I sort the Zotero pane according to "Year", what are the further sorting criteria?
My goal is to have the entries from one year sorted according to the first author. However, I can´t figure out what criterion Zotero uses. Not first author (creator) is all I can say.
  • Not first author (creator) is all I can say.
    Should be, and appears to be for me.
  • If I sort by clicking on the "Creator" column header, the entries are sorted according to the first authors name as expected. If I then click on the "Year" column header, I get an order of the entries within one year which I do not understand. Heres is the creator column of the entries which all have 2000 as year:

    Barisoni et al.
    Ruiz-Gomez et al.
    Gannon et al.
    Adams et al.
    Boute et al.
    Bour et al.
    Rho et al.

    I can also not figure out a meaningful order in the "Title", "Journal Abbr" and "Date Added" columns wich are shown in my setting.

    Any ideas what´s wrong with my settings?
  • I'm pretty sure that if you sort by year the secondary sort order is the exact Date.
  • Ah yes. That´s it! Thank you.
    If I replace the exact dates with just "2000" (which is sufficient for me), then the first author is indeed the second criterion.
  • (FWIW, I don't think this makes a lot of sense from a user perspective: If I want to sort by date I just sort by the Date column - the behavior of the year column should be different, i.e. default to creator or title as the secondary sort key).
  • marthoe: There's no need to throw away the extra data. This is clearly a bug, which we'll fix.
  • edited March 6, 2013
    OK, actually it was just sorting by the full date field rather than the truncated one, so this may not have been a bug after all. But I agree that that's probably not what most users generally want, so I've changed it to just use the year itself for 3.1.
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