Adding attributes in the central column

When you click on the litle table at the RHS of the central column you can add lots of the attributes of meta data in the right hand column. However, I am sorting patents and would like to include patent number and assignee in the central column - how do I do this? Is it something to do with the + sign at the bottom of the list when you click on the table button? Thanks
  • You can't. In Zotero 3.1, it will be possible to include other columns but neither "number" nor "assignee" have been added.
    Adding them is not a technical issue but all the fields can't be added. Waiting for others' comments.
  • For me it would be great to have the Column "Book-Title". I'm a Historian and I have quite a lot of Miscellanys there. Sometimes I collect several articleIs s from the same book and it would be good, to see them all together. Is there a way to implent this?
  • You can add "Publication", which for book sections/chapters is the book title.
  • Thanks a lot! Works fine! The Translation to German is quite misleading because it says "Journaltitel". "Publikation" - would be better, for this is also a german word...
  • you're right, I'll fix that.
  • fixed, should show up as Publikation in the next version (unless I missed it somewhere)
  • I agree with rodneybg, adding the option to display the patent number and assignee would be a very useful feature.
  • I'm also interested in sorting patents by patent number and assignee. Is there any progress on that?
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