Error ID 2014038297

I try to use the Sakai WebDAV server of my institution, but it doesn't work : "A WebDAV file sync error occurred".
Is there a special configuration required for the server ?
Thanks for your help,
  • The server is returning a 500 response, which indicates a server error. If you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that fails I might be able to provide a few more details, but beyond that you'll need to talk to the people who run the server.
  • Here is the Debug ID : D1235048875.
    The administrator of the server thinks that the problem comes from the implementation of the methods of authentification.
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    This is the request that's failing (contrary to the error in the error report, which claims it's a HEAD request, which Zotero no longer makes):
    Have your server admin look at the server logs to figure out the problem. Zotero works fine with properly configured WebDAV servers, and I'm afraid we're not able to debug problems with individual servers (nor is there likely anything we could do, since this is an internal server error).
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