Syncing insists on syncing trash

I am having trouble with syncing. I happened to import a large set of references from endnote into my library, BUT then deleted it. I also emptied my trash (local). But the online version shows the trash still contains all the deleted references, and zotero seems to keep wanting to sync and asks me to confirm which version to retain or something like that. As I deleted some of the online trash permanently, the sync request/error changed (it showed less references that it wanted to compare and sync). So there is a workaround, but it is a) painfull if (like me) you happen to have 200 refs sitting in trash, and b) quite confusing that zotero should ask to compare & sync refs that are in trash.
  • You're getting a sync conflict. This should only happen if you made changes on multiple computers between syncs—e.g., moved all the items to the trash and emptied the trash on one computer, but then separately deleted the items without emptying the trash on another (before syncing the deletions from the other computer). In that case, Zotero doesn't have any way of knowing whether it should keep the items in the trash, so it has to ask you.

    Unless you have a huge number of conflicts, you can just go through them quickly, accepting the default resolution. If it defaults to the trashed versions, just empty the trash again once you've resolved the conflicts.
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