Finding duplicates in a group library

I recently moved all my collections and files into a group library that I use for work (there's really nothing that's in my library that's so private that I can't share, and it's just easier to make sure all my colleagues have access to my references).

I don't see a function like "Duplicate Items" in under My Library. Am I missing it?

Alternatively, is there a way to share files from My Library directly? I've been using Z for 6 mos or so now. I understand the technical aspect of how Groups are completely separate from My Library, but I'm not sure how useful it is. Particularly if functions like searching for duplicates aren't available in groups.

Sorry to get off-topic, but let's see if you can answer my first question first :) Thanks.
  • right click on the group library --> Show Duplicates

    (and no, you can't share files from your personal library)
  • How do I move my library items to my group library?
  • Drag and drop should work, but please start a new thread for further questions on this topic and explain exactly what's not working.
  • Ania, also note that when you move things to a group library it makes a copy of the article. So the original and copy in group are no longer linked. Also, you can only search in My Library or a group library independently. You can't search across both of them in one search.
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