New thread on the MS word plugin VB runtime error 91

  • I found I had to disable both automatic detection check boxes and now Zotero works in word 2003. I did this with Firefox running.
  • hi all,

    I second the italics problem: for me, any italic characters in the title of a reference generates this error 91 upon generation of a bibliography. Note that I can insert references with italics in the title fine, but that the error only shows up when generating the bibliography.

    As suggested by drbill, removing the "1's-and-0's" blocks in the title seems to fix the problem (for now). But this also removes the italics, which is a bit of a pain...

    I have many 1000+ refs in my library, but only using ~60 in the current document.
    Using Zotero 2.0b5, MS word 2003, and the 1.0b4 Word Plugin, and my references were imported in RIS format generated by Reference Manager.

  • I just came back to this post as I started getting ERROR 91 again...
    (for me)
    It was mentioned briefly by CALESBG

    But to clarify for any other hair-pullers-
    and people who do not live in acronym world,
    You are in firefox, so why would you think to OPEN INTERNET EXPLORER (IE).
    BUT YOU NEED TO Do that!

    then do as CALESBG says:
    "What I found is if I open IE, go Tools > Internet Options > Connections Tab > LAN Settings Button and disable "Automatically detect settings" that the plugin starts working in MS Word and I'm still able to be connected to the internet"

    YAY it works. The reason it stopped working for me is that disabling the auto detect settings makes IE go spastic for me, so once in a million years when I needed to use IE instead of Firefox, I had to enable auto, and forgot to disable again. I mean... who uses IE anyway? ERK.
  • Hello, all!

    I've had the dreaded run-time error 91 too and I'm afraid none of the solutions recommended here worked for me (except for re-installing Visual Basic, which I didn't do).

    I had Zotero 1.0 and somebody from the team recommended that I upgrade. I did and it seems to have got rid of the tun-time error!

    I've got Word 2003 with Windows Vista.
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