Style Request: AAAI

I'd like to have the American Association of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) style.

It is similar to Chicago-Author-Date but with at least the following changes:

No hanging indents in the bibliography. Things go all the way up to the margins on both sides.

Article titles do not have quotation marks around them.

Book, journal, and conference titles all get italics.

No space in between Volume number, issue number, and page number.

Very possibly some more small things I'm not catching right now.

Note: I tried editing editing the chicago-author-date .csl file in emacs, but could not figure out how to load the new file into Zotero, running Zotero under Firefox on a OS 10.8 Mac with Word 2011 for Mac.

I also was unclear what name to give the new file, and what needs to go into the material at the very fron, such as name and category. I dragged my edited file into FF and it took it, but it does not show up as a choice under Zotero Document styles under Word.
  • answered the new style part of the question here:
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