Style Error: [Gait and posture]

In text citations should not be superscripted and should be [] delimited, e.g. [2,5-7]. Bibliography reference numbers should also be [] delimited, e.g. [1]. Issue numbers should be included in () after volume numbers and references should end with a "." after page numbers e.g.

  • I don't see issue numbers, where do you get that from?
    Otherwise, have a look at "Elsevier Vancouver" that should fit
    (in our defense, the instructions on the journal's webpage are wrong...)
  • I determined use of the issue numbers form sample articles published in the current issue, though this has been the case for years, I had written my own reference manager citation style to comply with this. You are correct, the instructions are wrong, I just notices this as well. I am one the editorial board and will point this out to the chief editor. Thanks for the tip, I will go with Elsevier Vancouver and perhaps take a shot at editing it.
  • do you have a link to an example article with issue numbers?
    I looked at this one:
    and there aren't any.
  • Not sure the best way to point you. I have electronic access as well as print to the journal. Here is a link to one of my old pubs that is up on a server:

    here's another one that I found with a search:

    on this one only a few of the refs use issues. Clearly this is quality control issue so I'm sure that I can get away without them, but still for completeness I'd rather use them then not.
  • thanks - it seems on an off kind of random:
    Looking at the most recent articles, currently in press:
    doesn't have any issue nos
    uses them consistently and your 2nd example uses them sporadically. (your first example is from a different journal)

    If you could get word from the chief editor on what they prefer that'd be great. On our side it's easier without the issue numbers and that would be in line with other similar journals published by Elsevier, but obviously we can accomodate either way.
  • I've linked this to Elsevier Vancouver for now so it's mostly right.
    Do let us know if you get word about issue nos. - if they're required we'll put them in.
  • The Gait & Posture style is still incorrect

    G. Andersson, J. Hagman, R. Talianzadeh, A. Svedberg, H.C. Larsen, Effect of cognitive load on postural control, Brain Res. Bull. 58 (2002) 135–139.

    should be:

    Andersson G., Hagman J., Talianzadeh R., Svedberg A., Larsen H.C.. Effect of cognitive load on postural control. Brain Res. Bull. 2002;58:135–139.

    maybe without the doi.......
  • The Gait & Posture style is actually just a dependent style of elsevier-with-titles.csl.
    Elsevier has a few standard styles they use among their journals.

    As I see here in this recent paper, the style formats this correctly:

  • edited July 4, 2020
    This means I can use either of them indiscriminately..?
  • It is literally the same. If you select gait-and-posture.csl in Zotero it will just download the elsevier-with-titles.csl style.
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