Mozilla Archive Format

I wonder whether it would be possible to save the snapshots in an archive format rather than to save hundreds of tiny files in a folder.

I've com across Mozilla Archive Format ( which does the job just fine (though i don't know which other browsers are capable of opening it).

Backing up the zotero folder can be a pain because of the many tiny files that take long time to copy/zip.

Would it be possible to use the plugin for taking the snapshots? Or put it in a zip file similarly to it?

Also, is there a way to turn off automatic snapshots?

PS: a snapshot of the above page yielded 127 files and 2.68 MB, whereas a MAF-file of the same page was only one file with 864 KB plus better visual similarity to the original!
  • I think generally having better snapshots (and having them in one file) would be great.
    See Aurimas comment towards the bottom here:
    (more for historical reasons: related requests go way back, see e.g. )
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