Keyboard shortcut conflict

Has anyone pointed out that on the Mac, Firefox has a built-in assignment for the shift-cmd-t key shortcut? Many times when I mean to re-open a closed tab, I will accidentally open the Zotero tags pane instead (it depends which pane is active). Since that can take quite a lot of time on a big database, I would like to suggest that Zotero should use a different combination. Thank you!
  • you're aware that you can change the shortcut, though? (Under preferences --> Shortcuts)
  • In fact, I did not. Thanks. Please take it under consideration, all the same. This user reopens tabs every day, and almost never uses the tag pane.
  • The idea is that the shortcut is only active if the Zotero pane is open - do you have the Zotero pane open all the time, while you surf?
    (And there are so many shortcuts for various things, it's pretty hard to find ones that aren't taken by something either on the system or in FF).
  • What adamsmith said. System shortcuts actually matter, since we can't intercept those, but the point of having the shortcuts active only when the Zotero pane has focus is that we don't have to worry about conflicts with other shortcuts in Firefox.

    But if you find yourself hitting it by accident, you can change it (or I think even clear it to disable it).
  • I don't know what you do online, but I look for and read rare printed books. So, yes.
  • ... and taking notes on them, as well. I'm a bit surprised that I need to justify the purposes for which I had assumed this tool was designed. As a teacher, I think it should be as easy to use as possible for beginners, and not create needless frustrations like this one.
  • No need to "justify" - I was just surprised that someone wouldn't mind the Zotero panel open while doing other stuff.
    We explain to you why this is as it is and why it's hard to change generally, but easy to change for you specifically.
    As for the experience for beginners - you're the first person to mention this in 6 years, I don't think this is a common source of frustration.

    (and what's up with the tone? You've gotten _tons_ of support from Dan, me and others over the last years, give us some credit).
  • I'd rather not do this bit so publicly, but if you'd care to email me, please do so. In short, you have misread the tone. We can edit or even delete this whole thread, if I've embarrassed you somehow. I appreciated this tip, as always. I have submitted a lot of feedback and questions because I love and believe in the work you've all done, and want it to be as great as possible.
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