"Put author before parenthesis" in addition to "suppress author"

Very often one needs to suppress the author just to type the name of the author *by hand*:

In "Flexer et al. (2005) have developed ..." only the "(2005)" is supplied by zotero, the "Flexer et al." is typed by hand, which is error-prone! However, I think it would be best to have those options:

"suppress author" (is already implemented)
"author before" (and maybe "author after")
"author only" (for more complex sentences, where the name of the author should be placed somewhere else as the citation)

Maybe, the editor could be changed to a "variable placement editor", where instead of editing "(Flexer et al., 2005)" one would edit "(<author> <et al.>, <year>)" so changing it to "<author> <et al.> (<year>)" couldn't result in a typo.

Also, I would love to have a keyboard shortcut for suppress author, e.g. typing "-" or "@" before the text (or "#" after it?). Then "+" could activate the "add author before citation" option[^1].

[^1]: I think this should be added to the pandoc syntax too: [+@flexer05] (although i found out that @flexer05 [@flexer05] would do the job)
  • (there are a number of threads on this already, no need to start a new one).
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    Oops, you're right. I felt none of them suited my demand, but this one actually does: http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/26989/along-with-suppress-author-a-author-only-checkbox-is-mandatory/

    However nobody answered yet :(
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