Sync error: this._previousData.related is undefined (Bug #2101618550)

Today, sync stopped working: When I press the sync botton, the arrow icon spins and the “receive data” progress bar appears. But after about one third of the progress bar, the sync is stopped, and the error icon appears.

The error message is: “this._previousData.related is undefined”. I submitted a bug report as #2101618550.

I am running Firefox 18.0.2 on Ubuntu 12.10

  • Looking into this. Could you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces this error?
  • This is the Debug ID: D2016379201

  • OK, this is a new bug in 3.0.12 that occurs when you try to download a new item that has a related item. Existing items aren't affected.

    This should be fixed in the latest 3.0 Branch dev XPI. If you could install that over your current version and let us know if it's working, that'd be great. We'll put out 3.0.13 shortly with this fix. If you stay on the dev build, you should switch back to 3.0.13 when it's out.
  • Yes, that works! Thanks for the quick help!
  • Fixed in 3.0.13, available now.
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