how to edit xpi files

I am trying to edit the xpi file of Zotfile in order to set some parameters (see this thread: here), but I am not able to make it work. After having followed the standard procedure, Zotero recognises the file as corrupted. Any suggestion?
  • your general strategy - unzip, edit, zip, rename - is exactly right. I don't think we can help you with the specific issue, maybe someone at a general mozilla forum would have an idea (though you should try that Firefox also won't install your modified xpi before posting here if you've only tried with Standalone so far).
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    Check the compression level: I'm not certain but I think it has to be set at zero. (edit: actually it's for jar files - the compression ratio must be low for them whereas it can be high for xpi).
    If you unzip, say, zotfile.xpi into a zotfile dir, be careful to rezip *the content* of the zotfile dir and not the dir itself (I'm not sure to be clear...?).
  • Thanks a lot.
    The problem was precisely the fact that I was zipping the dir and not just the content. Now everything works fine.
    I modified the xpi to make Zotfile quote pdf annotations by using tags recognised by the RTF-scan. To be clear, this is the outcome:

    «It is this internalization of resources within the firm, necessarily accompanied by their coordination through hierarchy, that is the key to the Chandlerian thesis.»{Popp et al 2006, 351}

    In this way, I can just copy/paste quotations in my document without editing it at all.
    If there is someone interested in getting the modified xpi of Zotfile, I can share it.
  • You changed the parens too. Good idea, should be added to ZF (as you know, quotes are already customizable in the next version).
  • Yes, I know. I changed also the semicolon before the page with a comma, according to the formats recognised by the RTF-scan.
  • @toni50

    You are a genius for working this out. Could you please share your modified xpi for zotfile? I am also trying to get zotfile to just output scannable cites for each quotation, so I can just paste them where I want them in my outline.

    Many Scrivener people are crying for this to be a regular zotFile feature...
  • Ookimi: What's the output that you need?

    Try to to edit some ZotFile hidden prefs (Zotero Prefs->Advanced->Open about:config, click yes, type the name of the prefs). The relevant prefs are formatAnnotationNote and formatAnnotationHighlight. (right-click-> reset if you're not happy with the result)

    But at first glance, it seems that the parens between the author-date reference are now hardcoded.
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