Is MARC translator in the works?

The most recent thread remotely mentioning MARC is

Is MARC translator in the roadmap by any chance?
  • Zotero has a fairly strong MARC translator already. What site or what MARC data are you trying to import? The discussion on that link is about grabbing MARC data from a specific university site; we often have to build those translators specifically for each university, but they all build off of the common MARC translator that has existed for years.
  • It's the Library of Korean National Assembly. See the link below for example. I can certainly download the MARC file, which seems to be of XML format, but where do I go from there?민사소송법&zone=ALL_NI_TOC
  • you can just import the saved xml file using Zotero's import function (Zotero has a MarcXML translator).
  • Yes, that worked! Thanks!

    Learned two new tricks today. "Open + copy + import from clipboard" for ill-behaving .RIS files with no MIME info, and "save + import" for MARC files.

    Big day for me!
  • (that's marcXML - this will not work with MARC as typically displayed on most library catalogs for the reasons ajlyon explains.)
  • As I landed on this page searching for help to import a MARC file form an OPAC, I thought it could be a good place to resolve this particular topic of Reina Sofía Museum Library in Madrid:

    I tried to import from Reina Sofía Museum Library, it is not ready to Zotero button... so I tried to import a record from MARC file. I copied the MARCXML data, in a plain text file recorded as .xml and it didn't work.

    I've checked the korean file above and it worked, so I've compared both files, and found out that in Reina Sofia file the field <collection...> is missing. I addded this field and now it works.
  • thanks. We should double-check whether collection is required by the MarcXML standard. I think that's the case, but let's be sure.
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