Zotero hangs when manipulating search results

I'm using Zotero Standalone on a Win 7 system. My database has over 10,000 entries.

When I do a search, and then change anything in one of the search results (for instance, correct a name, add a date), Zotero just hangs at the moment I press Enter. It also appears to use a disproportionate amount of CPU power (up to 47% on my 1.3Ghz dual processor system).

Is there anything I can do about this?
  • could you specify "hangs" - it just takes a moment or it actually freezes? If the former - how long?

    I believe the lag when manipulating in search results for larger libraries may be a known issue, but Dan would know for sure.
  • Yes, I imagine it's the same issue as this:


    See the possible temporary workaround in that thread.
  • Could you also provide a Debug ID for this?
  • Hi Adam & Dan,

    The exact behaviour does not seem predictable. Sometimes everything is fine; sometimes Zotero just hangs for some while; sometimes it freezes completely, I get a 'XULRunner is not responding message' and I have to force close it.

    Logging a permanent freeze does not really work, because the preferences pane freezes too.

    Here is are two logs of temporary freezes:

    After a force close, the changes I made to the entry before hitting Enter are gone, and in Preferences, the Debug log counter is on 0 lines.

    This problem happens with quick search on 'All Fields & Tags', when I'm searching on tags.

    For now, I'll just copy the search in a subcollection and do all the editing there.

    If more info needed, please let me know.
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