Export problem with AutoZotBib


I'm using AutoZotBib on my Zotero 3.0.11 addon for firefox, and I gratefully thank the creator of AutoZotBib because it's really fantastic.

However, I recently noticed a very annoying problem with the manual export. I cannot find for which reason it does not export some of my recent library items, so when I compile my xelatex file (in Kile) it gives me undefined references (whereas the old ones work fine and appear in the bibliography).

When I compile my file with biber, it gives me a series of warnings like that "file tmp/...bibliocomplete.bib~, line..., warning: 1 character of junk seen at toplevel" and then the list of references it couldn't find "I didn't find a database entry for + the key I entered in my tex file".

I checked some of the errors "character of junk" but I can't find a unifying reason for them (sometimes in the key I have characters like ??? or - but sometimes not). And I looked for the items : they are not in my bibtex file, whereas they are in Zotero.

I wonder whether my bibliography is too big and cannot export to Bibtex ? (It would be very sad). Firefox tells me every time I export manually "un script est en attente sur cette page. Voulez-vous le laisser continuer...?" and I always answer "yes" (until I recently told firefox not to dispay the message again because it was annoying).

I also wonder whether the problem may be linked to my recent upgrade to Ubuntu 12.10 or to the fact I recently disabled all the firefox plugins due to a problem of translators in Zotero, and then enabled them again (I'm studying every possibility because I really have no idea !).

I have LyZ installed to, not because I use LyX, but because I remembered vaguely that I installed it at first (before AutoZotBib) because it translated the key in a user-friendly way (like radke1965 or buecheler1881-1), but in fact I'm not sure that it is necessary for me (does AutoZotBib change the key also ?), and I hope there is no conflict between the two.

Thank you very much for any help,

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