Links in notification emails to forum posts are incorrect

The link at the bottom of notification emails (e.g. when someone posts a reply to your post) are incorrect when the thread contains more than one page of posts.

E.g. the link I received is (which does not take you to any of the messages in the thread)

The actual link should have been

i.e. post messages (items) on a page are counted from the beginning of the page rather than from the beginning of the thread.

Also, would it be very difficult to upgrade to Vanilla 2? Not so much for this issue, but for the added ability to format posts without typing out HTML tags. I don't mind doing it (maybe even prefer it), but other users are always confused and I feel like it adds to their frustration when they are already experiencing some sort of problem in Zotero itself.
  • Untested, but this should fix it when applied to Notifi (some whitespace removed)
    --- default.php (revision 1103)
    +++ default.php (working copy)
    @@ -370,7 +370,7 @@
    // Find out which page to go to
    $commentsPerPage = $DiscussionForm->Context->Configuration['COMMENTS_PER_PAGE'];
    $pageNumber = ceil($lastViewedComment/$commentsPerPage);
    -$jumpToComment = $lastViewedComment-($pageNumber.'0'-10);
    +$jumpToComment = $lastViewedComment-(($pageNumber-1) * $commentsPerPage);

    // Include the email templates
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