Generated bib published in wordpress lacking most metadata

Hello all,
I have generated an html bib in chicago style full note no ibid (the most recent on the style repository page).
When I view this html bib in Firefox, the yellow folder appears and I can download many (not all) of the published records into zotero.

I then attempted to publish this html-generated bib via wordpress.
However I made ONE tweak to the code. I changed the first <div> tag to: <div class="csl-bib-body" style="line-height: 1.35; padding-left: 2em; text-indent:-2em;"> , so that the bibliography would appear the way I wanted it to.

RESULT: In the published bib in wordpress, the little yellow folder appears BUT I can download only 3 records.

Can someone suggest reasons why this might be happening?
  • I'm a bit puzzled - what did you change the div tag to? What you quote above is the default setting.
  • The first div tag was simply "<div>" -- and I changed it to the div class listed above, because otherwise the chicago style full note double spaces and I wanted single spaced entries.
  • could you post the full html to
  • yes here it is:
  • I'm not sure how you edited the html, but there are no <span> tags at all in what you posted to github, so you wouldn't get any COinS import (COinS - or context object in spans - is how Zotero embeds data into its html bibliographies). Open a Zotero generated html with a text editor and you will see what I mean.
    The three items you _can_ download, Zotero picks up the DOI.
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