Notes sync/item with Evernote/Google Drive

The notes feature is important in Zotero. I like to add notes about the things I've read.

I like how I can add a note item to a citation. How an item that is a direct link to an Evernote or Google Drive doc?

Evernote has the Moleskine camera feature, Evernote also has the LiveScribe journal, Google Drive has all sorts of other features - why not incorporate other note taking services into the workflow.

I'd even take a stab at it myself if there were an sub-item API.

Any thoughts? Have I overlooked a plugin?
  • You should be more specific on how such integration might work. (e.g. describe a use case.)

    You can already add links to Zotero items from other software. See e.g. this thread
  • You're right, I think a use case is in order. Adding links to Zotero items from other software is not what I had in mind, nor does it solve the issues I'm thinking of.

    Problem scenario:
    1. I'm reading a book.
    2. I take notes with pen & paper.
    3. As I read the book, my notes are not searchable.
    4. I digitize my notes with any number of software solutions (Evernote, Google Drive, LiveScribe Pens).
    5. I now have an OCRd document.
    6. I have no way of easily adding this document to Zotero (to make it searchable/keep all my research in one place).

    I propose a workflow something like this. As I create a note document in Evernote or Google Drive, I can associate this document with a Zotero item.
    1. I write notes in Google Drive or Evernote (or import a document from a pen/paper digitizing software into Google Drive or Evernote).
    2. When I have a document open in or, there is a Zotero icon in my browser.
    3. When I click the Zotero icon, I can select a Zotero item that I allows me to associate the Google doc / Evernote note with the Zotero item.
    4. In Zotero, the Google doc / Evernote note appears in the list under the item (like an existing Zotero note or attached PDF).

    A second workflow:
    1. I right click an item in my zotero library.
    2. There is an option to attach a new Google doc and Evernote note.
    3. Clicking new Google doc or Evernote note, opens a new browser tab with a new Google doc or Evernote note open.

    Ideally Zotero could scan these documents, but I'd be okay with searching these documents in Evernote or Google Drive.

    The main issue is that the Zotero notes functionality is awesome, but limiting. Instead of recreating the wheel (adding Zotero note taking fucntionality), I'd like to see integration with the existing notes/documents applications out there. This would enable the broadest cross section of options.
  • 6. I have no way of easily adding this document to Zotero (to make it searchable/keep all my research in one place)."
    You could add the note as a normal attachment. If it is in PDF format, then Zotero will also index it and allow you to search based on the note content. You can also add a link to a website version of an article as a link, but this would not make it searchable.

    The workflows that you describe could certainly be coded as plugins. The Zotero API is described here, if you want to go for it:

    If you have development related questions, the best place to ask these is the zotero-dev mailing list
  • Hi dillon and mronkko,

    I have a similar challenge and coincidentally I just made a post about it on the Evernote users forum. I think it would be beneficial to see some level of integration between Zotero and Evernote, but at the moment I do not have any specific suggestions for a proposed workflow. I am struggling to come up with a good workflow to integrate Zotero and Evernote to help manage research for my dissertation and ongoing courses. I would sincerely appreciate any suggestions you or others reading this thread might have. Thank you in advance.

  • One solution to your workflow problems is to use Zotero for note taking. When I was taking courses I had a collection for each course and a subcollection for each lecture. Then I just stored all my notes and all the lecture material in these subcollections.
  • mronkko - you're right, I could do that, and I have done that.

    But with the new evernote moleskine, or other features, we would have to wait for Zotero to develop this. It's certainly not in Zotero's core mission. But Zotero could provide 3rd party linking to other file types through a URI.
  • this may be of interest:
    it's Devon Think specific, but at least the Zotero part could likely be adapted to other programs
  • adamsmith - very interesting.

    I also saw ajylon's patch, ticket #1563 (add ability to add links by URI and edit existing link attachment URIs)

    It seems using ZotDevon and DEVONThink would require importing/exporting and maintaining two databases - something I'm not willing to do. Linking, however, is very appealing.
  • the add attachment - add link to URI function isn't working for me when I use an evernote URI - works fine when I use an http://

    Any help?
  • Any news on this front? The workflow dillon proposed a few posts up is really appealing to me, as I also use both Evernote and Zotero extensively. A one-click solution for linking an Evernote doc with a Zotero item would be an incredible asset.
  • it's now possible to add evernote:// links via add link to URI to Zotero items. Otherwise no.
  • That's something. Thanks again, adam!
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