Export My Library stalls and fails

I've been trying to export My Library, which includes many attached pdf files.
It seems to move very quickly the first few seconds, then stalls, issues a warning about a script problem. I click continue and then it keeps trying but eventually stalls and I have to get out of Firefox to end it. I am trying to save the file to my C: disk. What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
  • 1. Why are you exporting your whole library?
    2. May be worth doing this in bits rather than the whole thing.
    3. How long have you waited when it "stalls" - and what exactly do you refer to as "stall"?

    But you're not technically doing anything wrong.
  • I may be missing the concept here. I want to back up My Library. Am I already doing that automatically with the sync?
    I used to do this routinely every few weeks and it worked fine.
    I think it has grown considerably in recent weeks and that is causing the stall. What I am seeing is the green indicator moving rapidly to the right, then stopping about 80 percent over, then script warning, then back to green indicator standing still. Then the page goes gray and it tells me Firefox is not responding. I have to close out of FF to get back to work.
  • Export is not suitable for back-up:
  • Thank you. All clear and auto back up is now set to include all the files in the Zotero profile (which are way out there on the branch!)
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