"alt" key aborts input in zotero


I use Zotero Standalone version When I press "alt" key to write special (national Polish) character like ó, ę, ł etc, zotero exits current dialog window and I am unable to continue typing. This happens for instance when I type a prefix/suffix of footnote or a title of a publication.

I have been using Zotero for a few years and it never happened to me (however I was working on another system and another version of Zotero).
  • Maybe I should add, that pressing alt does no more than end current input. As if I pressed "enter".
  • which OS is that? Are you using a Polish keyboard lay-out? And are you using the alt key on the right (sometimes called "alt gr")?
    On the *nix operating systems, alt+key often has a separate function, that would lead Zotero to leave the field you're editing.
  • You are right. I removed some keyboard shortcut (in Ubuntu linux) and now it no longer interferes. Thank you.
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