export citations on springer link doesnt work


when i click "export citations" on springer.link a dialog window pops up to chose how/where to save. when i choose zetore there appears a text below the radio button that says something like:

cannot save cause pdf-tools arent installed in zotero settings.

but there is no pdf-tools in the zetore settings. is that a bug?
  • btw: it doesnt matter what kind of ris file i choose.
  • 1. You shouldn't use "export citations" from Springer. Use the URL bar icon after installing the connector for your browser of use the bookmarklet.

    2. What's your set-up? Which browser, ZOtero version etc.?

    3. You can install the pdf tools (though you shouldn't need them for any of this) from the "Search" tab of the ZOtero preferences.
  • edited December 13, 2012
    -1: oh, now i see. that works, thank u.

    -2: latest firefox and latest zotero (first use).

    -3: found them now, thx. i installed them although i'll use the url-bar-icon now.

    thx again, that was a quick and effective help :)
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