Cannot be updated ... read only

I keep getting error messages like this one below. Per instructions, I have gone to the directory, unchecked read only, and try it again ...

The file 'C:\Users\DOYLE\Dropbox\ZOTERO BACKUP\storage\MK8HPKU8\The Morning Post Dec 29 1862.jpg' cannot be updated. Check that the file is not currently in use and that it is not marked as read-only. To check all files in your Zotero data directory, right-click on the 'zotero' directory, click Properties, clear the Read-Only checkbox, and apply the change to all folders and files in the directory.
  • It's likely due to security software on your system.
  • Yes, I installed Webroot, a new security system that is supposed to be among the best. Perhaps too thorough for my own good!
    What should I do to get around this?
  • You're on your own for that. But basically Zotero (or Firefox, if you're using Zotero for Firefox) needs to be able to access its data directory unrestricted.

    (Also, if you have your entire Zotero data directory in Dropbox, as opposed to just the 'storage' folder via a link, there's a pretty good chance you'll corrupt your database.)
  • So I need to deal with Webroot on security.
    And I should return to the standard Zotero directory of my c: drive?
  • There are various threads on Dropbox here that you can read. The upshot is that it's safe to store the 'storage' directory but not the database. On OS X/Linux that's easy with a symlink, but I don't remember if it's possible to do that on Windows.
  • (Windows does support symlinks since Vista: )
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