Science Direct Translator Not Working

I just noticed that I cannot save items from the Science Direct website anymore. It was working last night but there seems to have been some changes made to the formatting this morning. I really need to be able to get stuff from the journals hosted on this site, does anybody know what is going on and how long it will take to fix it???

  • I am having a similar problem!
  • As a workaround you can use the 'Export Citation' option on Science Direct and choose RIS as the export format. It doesn't capture the PDF but it will get the citation data and capture the abstract as a note.
  • Same probs here. Something has changed on their page and using the standard zotero-greyish-icon in the address bar does not work.

    I use the workaround mentioned by synoptic, then, once I got the citation data down, I open the PDF on the sciencedirect webpage, select "attachments/add" on the note I just created and "take snapshot of current page". This will download the PDF and associate it with the citation data.
  • Same here. Looks like Science Direct changed their site last night. I get about half my references from them, so this is a major problem for me. Sure I can manually do it all, but Zotero's spoiled me.
  • Now fixed. Your translators will update automatically within 24 hours, or you can click "Update now" in Zotero preferences.
  • Works great now! Thanks for the quick response.
  • Superb! Thanks for the efforts.
  • Hi Sean,

    I just downloaded zotero today and am "up to date" in zotero preferences. Any idea why the sensing utility still won't capture isi refs?

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