faulty bib-file due to an unparsed "{" in the abstract

Dear devs,

The topic "Bibtex export error due to improper handing of "{" in abstract" http://forums.zotero.org/discussion/6750/bibtex-export-error-due-to-improper-handing-of-in-abstract/ is closed, so I open a new one.

The issue is: When an unmatched curly bracket "{" is placed in the abstract within Zotero, that unmatched curly bracket appears in the exported bib-file, too. I.e. it is not parsed to "\{", but it remains "{".

Shouldn't the curly bracket "{" be included in the group of characters that gets redefined to their text-equivalent? Like \textless, \&, etc.


p.s. The issue was observed importing using Docear.
  • thanks for reporting.
    The translator fix is now up. Your version of Zotero will automatically update within 24hs, or you can update manually using the "Update Now" button in the "General" tab of the Zotero preferences.

    Any problems let us know.
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