Cite using et al.


I cannot figure out how to display my citation in Word with (E et al. 2005). At the moment it is displayed as (E, R, and N 2005).

I would like to continue using Chicago Manual of Style (author-date) but together with et al. citation.

Is that possible?

Thank you and regards,

  • The Chicago Manual calls for et al for four authors and more - that's what Zotero does. If you really do want to start at three _and_ keep using CMoS, you'd have to modify the style.
  • Thanks Adam for that explanation!
  • Hi Adam,
    I would like to change the style regarding this case, could I ask you to explain me how to do so? Thank you!!
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    Hoping to learn more about style editing I have just now looked in Firefox profile folder .. /home/USER/firefox/PROFILE/zotero/styles/chicago-author-date.csl

    and in text editor at line 600 found this ..

    ... et-al-min="4" et-al-use-first="1" ...
    My guess is that you just need to change et-al-min var from 4 to 3.
  • Hi dragonfly,
    sounds reasonable! But ... i can't find this folder, how to get there? I am using a mac and standalone of zotero plus the firefox plugin.

    Do you think changes in firefox are also changing the standalone preference? Do you think it is really done by only changing this line? I am a bit afraid, cause all my dissertation library is in the hand of zotero ;) but of cause: I need to change the style! so maybe if I am able to change this line, its done?!
    So thank you for your answer!
  • ok I found the folder, but there is no "Style"-folder. In my Firefox-Folder in the library are three objects: "Crash Report", "Profiles" and profiles.ini" both foulders have no "style" object, but hundreds of other objects. And still I am not sure about changing the preferences in firefox instead of the standalone?
  • ok I changed the line in the standalone editor, but unfortunately it changes nothing.
  • You did restart Firefox?
  • You are going to want to follow the steps here:

    Please note the location where styles are stored. Also note that you will want to save a new copy of the style to modify and change the style ID--if you just change the existing file your changes will be lost on the next update.
  • yes I restarted everything!
    Great! Thank you, I will try to follow the steps later on!
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